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Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is a Transformer and leader of the Autobots.

There are good Transformers and bad Transformers. The good Transformers are called Autobots because they transform into vehicles. The bad transformers are called the Decepticons. Their leader is Megatron.

Optimus transforms into a truck. In the movie Dark of the Moon, Optimus has a trailer that has his weapons in it. When he transforms his trailer turns into a weapon rack that holds his weapons and his jet pack.

Before Optimus became the leader of the Autobots, his name was Orion Pax. He has a brother called Ultra Magnus.

Optimus came from Cybertron and he is the strongest Transformer in the Universe. He is a good warrior. He takes good care of his Autobots and people from earth. In the movie Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus sacrificed himself to save Sam. Luckily Sam was able to bring Optimus back to life.

Optimus is brave and strong and has to fight Megatron lots.Optimus Prime

My favorite thing about Optimus is his paint job and his face shield. I also like that he fights for freedom and is a good guy.


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